Founders and New Management Team.​ ​

  Overview of the Founders

    The founders of e21 Scandium Golf Shafts LLC have extensive experience in advance high-strength light-weight

    alloys,  ceramic metals, inter-metallics, ceramics and metallic nano-powders as well as the successful

    commercialization of  various advanced materials and related manufacturing processes.


    The founders have developed and launched many large scale commercial products, including the world's most

    energy efficient, highest performance overhead power line conductors that are now sold worldwide, flexible solid

    aerogel insulation systems, new direct chilled casting furnace  systems for high strength alloys in aluminum and

    magnesium systems, aluminum-scandium alloy commercialization, production of ultra-thin metal components for

    the electronic industry, commercialization of bio-fiber technology, first high-voltage large multi-megawatt

    synchronous generator wind turbines that did not require AC-DC conversion electronics, many award winning sports

    equipment products, brands and applications since 1991.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   e21 Scandium Golf Shafts LLC is restarting the production of what was considered the "Best Shaft" ever made,

   using the original developers of the patented Scandium material and the commercial process to make the Scandium

   Shaft, coupled with Mr. Manore who designed the best personalized shaft "fitting program" for that shaft along

   with thousands of his personal remaining shaft inventory.


     Mr. Manore - Founder and CEO, has been a very successful golf instructor and club builder for over 30 years.

   Being a specialist in applied bio-mechanics has given him the ability to understand how the human body

   delivers the club back to the ball making him a specialist in shaft dynamics and club head bounce & design.  In 2005

   he was brought on by the original company that licensed Scandium Shafts for R & D and to design a shaft geometry

   fitting program after four engineers from a well known shaft  company had failed. With his successful program in 

   place he traveled fitting hundreds of PGA/LPGA Tour players and top amateurs . Mr. Manore was credited with

   several wins including healing a PGA players tendinitis.  After the 2007 season this player had to stop playing and

   practicing until he was fit with the vibration damping Scandium Shafts. In 2008 this player was able to win 3 times

   and win the season ending FedEx Cup for a $10 million bonus. Starting in 2015 Mr. Manore was able to purchase the

   remaining Scandium  Shafts from two of the independent distributors that had purchased them from the Canadian

   Sport Company. After gaining thousands of Scandium Shafts for inventory and  having partnered up with

   Mr. Wilcoxon and Mr.Sindalovsky the original developers of the Scandium Alloy, they are starting back up production

   under the New Management Company e21 Scandium Golf Shafts LLC.

   Mr. Sindalovsky- Founder and new material and product development specialist. Expertise in high

   strength metal products, production techniques and commercialization of advance materials processes, including

   high performance sports products, ultra-light high-strength cell phone and computer housings along with aerospace

   alloys. Development of flexible solid aerogel insulation systems.

Mr. Wilcoxon-Founder and specializing in commercialization of advance materials, including the first

    commercial Scandium alloys and numerous Scandium sports products as well as aerospace materials, titanium

    ceramic materials, ultra-hard materials and the most efficient overhead conductors for transmission power lines

    which are sold all around the world. He also developed the first 2 megawatt continuous speed synchronous

    generator DeWind wind turbines. Including commercialization of bio-fiber technology.


​      Mr. Bush​-Management & Advisory Team, was in charge of  R & D for True-Temper for almost 30 years. Many of

    his peers consider Mr. Bush as one of the most knowledgeable persons on golf shaft technology. His years at True-

    Temper included several shaft innovations including Dynamic Gold, Apex and ZZ Lite, amongst others. He also was

    credited with co-designing the " Iron Byron Golf Machine"  till this day is still considered the best way for testing new

    golf shafts and club heads innovations. Bush has said " To this day, even the best golfer's in the world can't provide

    (Iron Byron's) level of consistency". When Mr. Manore had finished his "Golf Shaft Geometry Program" it was

    suggested that Mr. Bush do the due diligence on his program and his Scandium shaft claims.  The following

    statement was from Mr. Bush's findings on weeks of testing and travel.

   30 years in the golf shaft business, and I thought I have seen it all! My years at Tru-Temper saw development of

   the top steel shaft innovations in Dynamic Gold, Apex and ZZ Lite, amongst others. With years of experience in the

   golf industry, I am a real skeptic of "innovations" especially when they come from an unknown brand and made from

   material never heard of in golf before - Scandium Innovations do happen in golf and have produced more user-

   friendly golf club. The shaft has evolved from hickory and bamboo to steel, aluminum, titanium and graphite. Most

   players still prefer steel shafts in their irons because of consistency, but in recent years steel shafts have become less

   consistent because of broadening specifications. The weight tolerance has expanded and the straightness has gotten      worse.  Now a new material has entered the marketplace . It is Scandium Sc. This shaft has multi-directional

   properties which enhance its torsional properties. It is an extruded shaft drawn to a very tight weight specs and is

   made to very tight straightness characteristics, giving a player more consistency than any shaft currently made.

   Consistency means tighter shot pattern which leads to more confidence which leads better scores and a more

   enjoyable experience. Lastly, the shock dampening qualities of Scandium Sc are remarkable. People with tendonitis

   or arthritis can now enjoy a truly soft feel and players who hit a lot of balls can now practice without the worry of

   developing tendonitis. All in all, this is a tremendous innovation for a golf shaft. It provides accuracy without loss of

   length. It's natural vibration dampening properties provide a soft feel, giving the user a more enjoyable experience.

   Not only have I tested Scandium Sc shaft claims of accuracy, consistency and vibration dampening, but I have                  traveled to Asia to see the factory and the unique production process that creates this innovative product. I had to

   see it for myself, to prove to myself that we do have new technology and material in golf. I know my shafts--and this

   is the one!   Bob Bush



e21 SCANDIUM GOLF SHAFTS LLC           4956 Monroe St. Toledo, Ohio 43623        (419) 514-8295