ShockBlok System. ​Each shaft is manufactured using a proprietary 25-step production process to create            seamless, extruded shafts. The variable wall thickness and inherent e21 properties that account for vibration                   dampening  that result in 300% better shock attenuation  that protects your Tendons, Ligaments and joints. 

​  The Invention and History of the Scandium Shaft.  ​    The Aluminum Scandium Alloys were first invented in the Soviet Union, a  highly held secret behind the  MIG 29                  Fighter plane wings superior strength and maneuverability. This same secret technology allowed Soviet missiles to          pierce the polar ice cap without damaging the missile, a feat that was thought impossible at the time! The secret was      uncovered by one of our founders Mr. Wilcoxon in 1991 after beginning a joint venture in material science that started      immediately upon Ukraine declaring independence at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Wilcoxon's group perfected

     the alloy and filed patents in 1995 for use in aerospace and premiered high performance sports applications in the            United States. One result was the the creation of an Scandium alloy golf shaft that was later put into  commercial              production and licensed to a Canadian sports company. Wilcoxon's   Scandium alloys were licensed to other

     companies that led to best selling baseball bats, hockey sticks, racing bikes,  and racing components in addition to          various defense and aerospace components currently use by Airbus and the U.S. military. 

​Steel shaft with 10x less force than Scandium Sc

​Scandium Sc after 6,000 lbs. of force applied.

   ​​As the next generation material for golf, e21​'s

​    Scandium Alloy features the highest strength

   to weight ratio of any material currently used

   in golf - a 30% advantage over titanium, 50%

   over graphite and 70% over steel. Scandium's 

   distinctive properties result in a remarkable

   improvement in distance, accuracy and vibration 

   dampening. It is no wonder a significant number

   of high-profile golf professionals have made the

   switch to e21 Eagle One Shafts in order to bring

   out the absolute​ best in their game every time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Scandium Sc shaft after 10x more force than

​steel shaft.

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 e21 is the 21st element on the periodic chart called Scandium,

   right next to Titanium the 22nd element. Just for starters, Scandium is 55%          lighter and 30% stronger than titanium and 75% stronger and lighter than steel.    It keeps its shape (Smart Metal) with no twisting or warping, ever! ​​

​  Golf shafts for life! e21 Scandium alloyed material will NEVER oxidize, corrode or lose it's

   tensile strength. It's literally unbreakable, unlike steel and graphite shafts. NASA studies show ALL

   graphite  composites absorb and release moisture up to 3%. This "breathing" decomposes the fiber

   and resin matrix and will deteriorate...steel will rust and titanium gets tired and brittle.  

  ​SUPERIOR DISTANCE...The energy is redirected from the specifically engineered thin wall              section just below the kick point back into the club face. The resulting "energy kick" gives the added        bonus of extra distance on every shot. Scandium shafts registered substantially longer distance than      any other shafts it tested against, in some cases by as much as 16 yards at identical  swing speeds,        using identical 6 iron heads for the test. 

  SUPERIOR ACCURACY...While the added distance of the Scandium shafts was impressive, the      dispersion / accuracy ratings it achieved were even more overwhelming. The Scandium shafts                recorded dispersion / accuracy ratings as low as +/- 1.33 feet from the target zone on center hits.          This low dispersion rating showed that the Scandium shafts are nearly 5 TIMES more accurate than        their nearest competitor. 

  SUPERIOR FEEL...This redirected energy and molecular properties of Scandium have been found   to reflect 70% of the destructive energy "shockblok"when compared to steel shafts. Results are   proven  by  real doctors in real studies... Dr. Howard Butler commissioned analysis by two      orthopedic doctors, Dr. Jay French, an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon with the Tennessee Orthopedic clinic,   and Dr. Al Pinzon M.D. an Internal Physical Medicine Specialist. They calculated that during a typical       round of golf, the extra energy transmitted to the hands of a golfer using steel shafts is 30.60 foot-         pounds of force. Shock in the hands is really 5-10% of all of the energy from the shot. 1700 pounds per   square inch gets absorbed by a steel shaft and runs up the shaft into your hands and soft tissue of         your arms. Leading to fatigue, pain and loss of muscle memory. The sub-conscious will do anything to   avoid pain, meaning your body will change the mechanics of your swing.

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What is e21​​​Scandium?



​  If a picture is worth a thousand words what is a video worth?​    



     With the Torque Rating as low as .5 e21 Eagle One Shafts provide consistent results and playability. Independent             robotic testing performed by Golf Laboratories, Inc. shows e​21 Shafts averaged hits that were 10 yards longer

     and 30% more accurate compared to other leading competitors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  • Extruded fully homogeneous metallic tube
  • No seams, no weld, no "Pureing" required
  • Aerospace manufacturing tolerances
  • Variable playing weights 80g-90g-100g-105g
  • Perfectly symmetrical in diameter at 99.9%
  • All flexes 4.0-8.0 at low torque 1.4 to .5
  • ​Parallel and tapered Tip available   


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​​​​​​         e21 Scandium Shafts are Literally Unbreakable!   Under extreme loads... which will shatter steel or graphite, Scandium will bend out of shape to      absorb the energy rather than transferring the energy to flying shards. These pictures depict                    deformation after 6,000 pounds of force per inch applied.   In the Scandium crush video (above) the        lab went to complete failure to show how much stress a Scandium shaft can absorb.                                The independent testing lab never witness any golf shaft absorb so much force. In fact 10x more            force than any other golf shaft.


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